Ran Pump Still Going Strong

Ran Pump is one of the finest pump manufacturers in the world. As you may know, at Pump Solutions Australasia, we have gone to great lengths to identify the best pump manufacturers from around the world for each specific type of pump we offer. Ran Pump are known for their air operated double diaphragm (AODD) pumps.

Ran Pump have been in business since 2000, making them the “youngest” of all of our pump manufacturers. However, they have built a great reputation for great quality at a reasonable price in that time.

Ran Pump - Stainless Steel Food Grade Pumps

Ran Pump is located in Istanbul, Turkey. We started doing business with their owner, Gisan Ran, in 2009. Ran Pump has been able to supply us with high-quality, industrial grade pumps for much lower prices than we or the market would expect.

What is Special about Ran Pump AODD Pumps?

Ran Pump makes great AODD pumps. They are versatile and produce great results for numerous applications in various industries. Their bolted diaphragm housing design is leak-free, which makes them the “go-to” option for high-pressure applications. Their air valves don’t require any lubrication and run hour after hour, day after day, smoothly and with no downtime.

Ran AODD Pump Applications

Ran AODD pumps are extremely versatile and can be used for a wide range of applications. They can pump slurries, chemicals, hazardous materials and even solids. The fact that they are air driven makes them resistant to fire, making them the safest option in mining, where high concentrations of methane gas can often cause explosions.

They are available in stainless steel for chemicals and food grade stainless steel for pharmaceutical, food, beverage, medical or any application in which sanitation is mandatory. The pumps can be made of PVDF for aggressive or dangerous chemicals, and the pumps can be made of polypropylene for safer chemicals. Aluminium models are used to pump petrol or diesel fuel and dewatering. Cast iron AODD pumps can be used for slurries.

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