Becker KVT 3.60 – KVT 3.140; VLTF 2.200 – VTLF 2.500 Vacuum Pumps

Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump - Oil Free


Becker KVT 3.60; KTV 3.80; KVT 3.100; KVT 3.140; VTLF 2.200; VTLF 2.250; VTLF 2.360; VTLF 2.400; VTLF 2.500 Rotary Vane Vacuum pumps; oil free. Air flows from 55m³/hr to 495m³/hr, max vacuum -90kPa; close coupled to single or 3 phase 50Hz electric motors. Pump complete with integrated air inlet filter and vacuum regulating valve Simplicity of design with only one shaft and direct drive produces robust, long lasting pumps with low maintenance and running costs. These pumps operate completely oil free. Series X: Becker Innovation with Top Warranty. Equipped with specially developed vanes, these oil free rotary vane pumps distinguish themselves by high abrasion resistance, and with that extremely long service lives. Becker guarantees the Series X pump vanes a lifespan of 20'000 operating hours or max. 3 years.


Manufacturer: Becker

Industry: Mining, Industrial, Food & Beverage

Pump Uses: Cabinet Maker CNC Pumps, Glass / Granite Cutting CNC Pumps, Medical Vacuum, Printing Pumps

Pump Type: Vacuum

Pump Style: Vacuum Pumps