Gear Pump Applications

Don’t let the name “gear pump” fool you. Gear pumps are used to transport many other media besides water. We think it will be helpful to review how gear pumps work and tell you about some of their applications.

Gear Pump Basics

A gear pump employs a system of meshing of gears to move fluids. Because of the mechanism involved, gear pumps qualify as positive displacement pumps. For every revolution the gears in a gear pump make, the same amount of fluid is moved.

Due to their design, gear pumps are often used for transporting high viscosity fluids, especially in the chemical industry.

Gear pumps have two gears that separate on the intake side of the pump. This creates a partial vacuum, creating suction which draws fluids into the pump. The gears then carry the fluid through the pump and out the other side, to the outtake. The fluids are displaced by the rotation of the gears. Due to the direction and position of the gears, the fluid can only flow from the intake side to the outtake side.

Popular Gear Pump Applications

Gear Pump Applications

Gear pumps are mainstays in the petrochemical industry. They are used for crude oil, diesel oil, lube oil, pitch and bitumen. They are also used for transporting chemicals such as sodium silicate, mixed chemicals, acids, plastics, isocyanates and other chemicals that must be handled with care.

They are also used for adhesives, resins, ink and paint. They are especially popular in the pulp and paper industries, where they are used for acid, lye, soap, black liquor, latex, kaolin, lime and sludge.

The food industry uses them for a lot of tasty options, including molasses, vegetable oils, pet food, vegetable fats, fillers, sugar, chocolate and cacao butter.

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A Quick Guide to Gear Pumps

At Pump Solutions Australasia, we supply pumps of all kinds, imported from the best manufacturers around the world. One of our more popular types of pumps is gear pumps. Almost by definition, they are pumps that use the motion of gears meshing to displace fluids. They are one of the most common hydraulic fluid pumps. Gear pumps are also commonly used to pump high viscosity fluids in chemical applications.

The two most common types of gear pumps are external pumps, which use spur gears on the outside, and internal pumps which have spurs on the inside and the outside. Gear pumps are classified as positive displacement pumps. They are so named because they pump the same amount of fluid during each revolution. Some of these pumps are designed to function not only as a pump, but also as a motor.

How Gear Pumps Work

When the gears rotate on the intake side of the pump, they separate, leaving a void or vacuum. This causes fluid to flow into the void. On the other side of the pump, called the discharge side, the gears meet again, which displaces the fluid. Small clearances and high rates of rotation are used to keep the fluid flowing in the direction of the discharge side and don’t allow the fluid to back up.

A Quick Guide to Gear Pumps

Applications for Gear Pumps

Gear pumps are used in the petrochemical industry to move bitumen, diesel oil, pitch, lube oil, crude oil and other fluids. They are used in the general chemical industry for materials such as plastics, acids, sodium silicate, isocyanates, mixed chemicals and other media. These pumps are also used to transport ink, paint, resins and adhesives. Some other uses: pulp, paper, lye, soap, acid, latex, lime, kaolin and sludge.

In the food industry, these pumps transport media such as cacao butter, chocolate, sugar, vegetable oil, vegetable fats, molasses and various animal foods.

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Why We Trust Fluid-o-Tech Gear Pumps

Fluid-o-Tech gear pumps are among the most trusted pumps in the world. Fluid-o-Tech was established in Italy in 1948 and they are currently based in Milano. Fluid-o-Tech has created a global market for their high-quality pumps, along with an international network of distributors. We began importing Fluid-o-Tech pumps in 1992 and are now the Australian importers for Fluid-o-Tech products.

Besides importing Fluid-o-Tech pumps, we also provide service and repair on all of their products. Fluid-o-Tech pumps are most common for coffee machines, steam generators, reverse osmosis and water circulation, but they are used for a wide range of other applications, too.

Fluid-o-Tech is best known for their rotary vane pumps, which offer a maximum head of 18 bar. Because they are positive displacement pumps, they are able to maintain flow rates in the highest ranges.

Most Fluid-o-Tech pumps are made of brass, but if you need to pump more aggressive fluids, we can provide them in stainless steel. Fluid-o-Tech pumps are available in a wide range of flow rates, from 36 LPH (litres per hour) to 2100 LPH. Fluid-o-Tech pumps can be adjusted for custom flow rates by creative configuration of a filter, relief valve and/or pressure regulator.

Fluid-o-Tech Gear Pumps

Why We Trust Fluid-o-Tech Pumps

One of the most popular Fluid-o-Tech pumps is the MG series gear pump. They are small volume pumps that produce high pressure with magnetic drives usually consisting of high-speed, brushless electric motors. They can also be controlled by your personal computer. Depending upon their applications, they can be equipped with PTFE gears or Peek gears. They offer flow rates from 30 LPH to 90 LPH.

Fluid-o-Tech also manufactures oscillating pumps for food and beverage applications, such as maple syrup or coffee, in precise quantities. Their FPP or fluid proportioning pump is used to provide the utmost in precision for mixing chemicals or food products.

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Know Your Pump Manufacturers: Fluid-o-Tech

Gear Pumps - Quality Pumps in AustraliaIf you have ever bought a gear water pump, an oscillating piston pump, or a rotary vane pump, there is a very good chance that you are familiar with Fluid-o-Tech. They were founded in Italy in 1948 and concentrated on the automotive, textile, aeronautic and computing industries. In 1976, they started producing rotary vane pumps and oscillating piston pumps.

In 1991, Fluid-o-Tech would establish a base in the US and would follow up by creating a branch in Japan in 1997. In 2006, they would have a division in China and expand their US operation in 2009 by establishing Fluid-o-Tech Engineering North America Inc. In the meantime, they would also expand operations in Italy and Spain.

Fluid-o-Tech prides themselves on a strong commitment to research, innovation and all-around excellence. They work hard to stay “ahead of the curve” and are proponents of lean production and full implementation of the Six Sigma business philosophy. Fluid-o-Tech is also committed to maintaining and protecting the environment, but the real proof of Fluid-o-Tech’s high quality as a company is their wide range of pumps in Australia and all over the world.

Fluid-o-Tech Rotary Vane Pumps

A rotary vane pump is a quality pump that utilises positive displacement to transport fluids. The pump consists of a rotor with vanes mounted to it. The simplest example is one circular rotor that rotates inside a circular cavity that is slightly larger.

The centres of the two circles are offset from each other, creating two eccentric circles. The vanes slide in and out of the rotor, maintaining contact with the inner edges of the pump and transport fluids from the intake opening to the discharge opening. When fluids are moved out of the discharge chamber, it creates lower pressure on the intake side of the pump and fluids flow in, where they start another circuit by being transported to the discharge area.

Fluid-o-Tech stainless steel rotary vane pumps are designed for use to circulate soda in post-mix drink machines, cooling systems, ultra-filtration, reverse osmosis and booster systems. The housing and rotor are AISI 303 stainless steel, with vanes made of graphitic carbon, with 3/8” NPT or GAS threaded outlet and inlet ports. These pumps range in capacity from 70 litres/hr up to 400 litres/hr.

Fluid-o-Tech brass rotary vane pumps, which are branded as Rotoflow, are devised for pumping liquids at high pressure with lesser flow. The pump is made of brass and has an AISI 303 stainless steel rotor. The vanes and pumping chamber are made of carbon graphite. They are designed for post-mix drink machines, beverage vending machines, espresso machines, reverse osmosis, cooling systems, water dispensers and ultra-filtration. These are also designed to pump 70-400 litres/hr.

The high volume Fluid-o-Tech rotary vane pumps are also sold under the Rotoflow brand with a pumping range of 500-1000 litres/hr. They have bodies of stainless steel or brass, with an AISI 303 stainless steel rotor, with vanes and pumping chamber made of graphitic carbon. They are designed for cooling and booster systems, post-mix drink dispensers, fuel injection systems, ultra-filtration and reverse osmosis applications. For the highest volume, the 4000 Series offers seven different displacements ranging from 1200-2200 litres/hr.

The Compact and Compact Plus series are the smallest of the Fluid-o-Tech rotary vane pumps under the Rotoflow label. They are the same as the larger pumps, but are for use when there isn’t enough space for a larger one and lower flow rates of 30-200 litres/hr are required.

From small, lower volume, to large, high-volume, Fluid-o-Tech has the rotary vane pump for virtually any need.

Gear water pumps

Gear water pumps are used for hydraulic applications and are used mostly for hydraulic fluid and chemicals. They are positive displacement pumps, which drive out the same amount of fluid with every revolution of the gear. The design, which is subtle and complicated, prevents fluid from moving backwards and allows the pumping of high-viscosity fluids. Fluid-o-Tech supplies two basic lines of gear pumps: the DGD09 and the DGM09.

The DGD09 series consists of direct drive gear pump-motor units that are based on the magnetic drive MG200 series. They are designed to handle relatively viscous fluids and clean water at low pressure. The DGD09 series runs with low pulsation and can move fluids up to 70 degrees centigrade. They are available with three motor speeds: 1550 rpm, 3200 rpm and 3900 rpm. All have 24 V brush type motors.

The DGM09 series of magnetic drive gear pumps are also based on the MG200 series. They are similar to the DGD09 series, designed for viscous fluids at low pressure and clean water, but can be used with fluids as hot as 95 degrees centigrade. They are available in one speed: 3000 rpm, with a 24 V DC brush type motor.

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