Gorman Rupp 80 Series

Self Priming Centrifugal Pump


Gorman-Rupp 80 Series medium head, mild solids-handling, self-priming centrifugal pumps are designed for non-stop work loads. The straight-in-suction design of these high efficiency pumps guarantees quick positive priming and allows them to operate at higher suction levels than most other self-priming centrifugal pumps. The liquid being pumped enters directly into the eye of the impeller, and a suction check valve prevents in-line return flow when the pump is shut off. 80 Series® pumps come equipped with a multi-vane, open impeller for higher efficiencies. Depending on the model, the impeller design will handle up to 2½” solids. These pumps are perfect for mild-solids handling, medium head applications. Size: 1 1/4"(30 mm) to 10”(250 mm) Max Capacity: 176.7 lps Max Head: 64.0 m Max Solids: 63.5 mm Seal Elastomer: Viton® Materials of Construction: Cast Iron; CD4MCu; Ductile Iron; Aluminium.


Gorman Rupp 80 Series pumps are suitable for a vast range of applications, such as dewatering at a construction site, off-loading petroleum at a bulk plant, supplying water for irrigation, chemical pumping, light slurry and contaminated waste water just to name a few. Gorman Rupp 80 Series pumps excel in moving fluids that contain small to medium solids.

Manufacturer: Gorman Rupp

Industry: Domestic, Mining, Oil And Gas, Industrial, Irrigation And Agriculture, Water Utilities

Pump Uses: Booster Pump, Chemical Pumping, Cleanwater Pumping, Dewatering, Firefighting, Glass / Granite Cutting CNC Pumps, Petroleum Pumps, Process Water Pumps, RO Water Feed Pumping, Seawater Pumping, Sewage Pumping, Slightly Dirty Water Pumping, Slurry Pumping, Water Transfer

Pump Type: Centrifugal

Pump Style: Self-Priming Pumps